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Most beautiful girl in the world poem. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World - Poem by Denis Martindale.

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Who You Are: A Message To All Women


Video about most beautiful girl in the world poem:

Most beautiful girl in the world poem

And To lose the most beautiful girl in the world? Topped off with the most important thing a beautiful heart and soul with an intelligent mind. What was it like to break the most girl in the world's heart? Can you tell me that? Do you miss her?

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  1. She never told you that you felt like home,More like home than her own home, she regrets never telling you that. I'm in awe and truly love every part of you, you're my Queen and Angel, my best friend and true soul mate.

  2. She is always replaying the way it felt to kiss you, to hold your hand, to be in your arms and it felt like home. You're the most beautiful woman that can be imagined.

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